Get Involved!


There are so many amazing ways you can participate in this journey.  But the number one way is to PRAY.  Pray for these strong, beautiful women, for their safety, health, well being, for wisdom, guidance and prosperity.  You can pray for our outreach team, for our wisdom and guidance and protection.  Just pray.  Whatever comes into your heart!

You can also DONATE


Jewelry, perfume, nail polish, gift cards, make up, slippers, things girls like to pamper themselves with! (no travel size items or toiletries from hotels, please)

You can donate your talents.  If you have web design skills, you can knit, sew, paint, make crafty and beautiful art that makes people smile, let us know.  We can find a way to incorporate your talents and gifts.

Send any New and Unused fun items to:

Beautiful and Loved
P.O. Box 211451
Eagan, MN 55121

You can donate money by clicking the “donate” button below.  OR


Make checks payable to Kjersti Bohrer and write “Beautiful and Loved” in the memo. We are working on our non-profit status as we speak! (or as you read this.) Soon your donations will be tax deductable

We also have a Wish List on Amazon. Click HERE to go to our page.

Adopt a club!

We serve 11 clubs. If you’d like to sponsor one club, comment below and let us know. (All comments are kept private. It’s simply a way for us to communicate with you.)

Clubs have anywhere from 4 to 35 women working each night. You can sponsor a club by choosing to supply the funds or gifts for a certain club one time, a few times, or every time we go. Each gift is approximately $3. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about this option by leaving a comment below.

Thank you so much!  You fill our hearts with joy!

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Contact Information and Requests. We always treat your contact information with the utmost respect and privacy. Your information will not be made public.

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